About the Author

Kei-shon Graham is an author and higher education professional with roots in Philadelphia, PA. Having matriculated through both private and public school systems, he was able to see firsthand how the systems differ. Despite the differences, Kei-shon has always excelled academically. During his time at Central High School, he was in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which uses a high-level college preparatory curriculum. He was also a captain on the football team.

While attending Saint Francis University for undergraduate studies, he was a psychology major, member of the Honors College and Division 1 football player. He held executive positions in all three of the athletic department’s leadership programs. Kei-shon also held the position of president of the Black Student Union from his sophomore to senior year. During his senior year, he co-facilitated a Cultural Psychology course. Kei-shon most recently graduated from West Chester University (PA) with a Master’s in Public Administration. Kei-shon currently serves as a Residential Area Director at Millersville University, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to education and leadership.

Kei-shon has experienced and analyzed a lot in his lifetime. He has always enjoyed writing. He views it as a tool that he can use to express on paper what cannot be expressed verbally. This tool has afforded him the opportunity to win scholarships and grants for his writing. These awards include:

James T. Giles Essay Competition

Intrepid Research Grant

Gunard B Carlson Creative Writing Contest